Hiccup Makes A Leap Picture Book by Fanny & Alexander
Hiccup Makes a Leap picture book by Fanny & Alexander front cover
Fanny & Alexander

Hiccup Makes A Leap by Fanny & Alexander

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All Hiccup wants is to be appreciated. His friends are embarrassed by him, strangers try to scare him away - so Hiccup decides to prove his worth by finding a job.

But - HIC! - he just can't seem to stop causing chaos. Can Hiccup ever stop erupting long enough to find his place in the world?

A warm, funny, absurd tale about picking yourself up, putting yourself out there, and making your invaluable, idiosyncratic contribution to the world, from the talented makers of The Nature of Play.

Written by Delfina Aguilar and Clare Aitken with illustrations by Sabrina Arnault.

Hardback format with 53 pages.

Published in the UK in 2020 by Fanny & Alexander.

Dimensions: 277 x 222 (mm)